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Contribution to Tabung Harapan Malaysia


Dear Members,

To support our government’s new reform initiatives, Branding Association of Malaysia is organising a special project entitled: “Malaysian Brands for Malaysia”.

Our plans for this project are as follows:

  1. We will invite 100 reputable Malaysian brands to participate in this campaign. This is to ensure that every industry is represented by its best players.
  2. We target to raise RM1m for Tabung Harapan Malaysia. Each of the invited brands will contribute RM10k. Since this is a social movement, we encourage you to organise your own donation drive within your organisation and raise as much as you can to help our country...but as far as this campaign is concerned, we will only accept RM10k from each organisation. Nothing more; nothing less.
  3. A coffee book will be published. It will contain messages from our national leaders as well as one page of patriotic words by each participating brand. A free copy of the coffee book will be given to each participating brand. All ministries, government agencies and embassies will be given a copy of this book as well.
  4. We are seeking an appointment with the Minister of Economic Affairs for a mock cheque handover. All participating brands shall be invited to send one representative to witness this momentous occasion. A group photo will be taken with the minister. We will also request for a dialogue session to be held subsequently. This will give us all the opportunity to speak our minds and voice our aspirations and concerns before the Minister. We will be able to chip in as to what we, the leading Malaysian brands, can do to help rebrand Malaysia.

We welcome you to be a part of this meaningful and patriotic project. If it’s a ‘yes’ all you need to do is to write a RM10k cheque to “Tabung Harapan Malaysia”. Our secretariat will be in touch with you on logistics. We will then hand the 100 cheques over to the government together. Let us join hands to help our beloved country to become a truly world class brand!

Yours faithfully,
Branding Association of Malaysia

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